Colourful portrait of Jasmijn, smiling at the camera in front of a yellow background. She is wearing a red t-shirt.

Jasmijn de Klerk

musician & teacher 

Hi! I’m glad you’ve taken the time to look around here. Let’s have a chat sometime 🙂


As a classical saxophonist I work on a wide variety of projects, both individually and in groups. I also do arrangements.

Colourful illustration of a tenor saxophone, with bursts of colour coming from the bell
Colourful illustration of two music notes on a staff.


I teach private saxophone lessons, but am also available for collaborations with primary schools or other educational projects.

Art & Design

I love art, illustration, and design. Different from music, but part of what I do nonetheless!

Illustration of a computer screen with waves of colour flowing upwards

Things I want to share

Blog posts, new recordings and project plans will appear here. If I remember.