Illustration of a computer screen with waves of colour flowing upwards

Art & Design

Illustration and web design

I do both illustration and design, mainly web design. I’m open for collaborations!

Colourful designs

You’ve probably seen the few illustrations on this website already. That’s a small sneak peak of some of my designs and artworks. I am open for commissions, but mostly work for myself.

New: some of my works are now available as prints on RedBubble! Every order is custom printed by RedBubble, so there’s no unnecessary products produced.

Beautiful websites

Your website is your business card, portfolio and contact point all in one, so naturally you want it to reflect your identity as well as possible. Are you going for a modern look, or do you prefer something more traditional? I create the design of your website all from scratch, without the use of templates that you already see everywhere. If you don’t have a decided branding yet, I can take care of that for you as well. Let’s talk about the possibilities!