My musical story.

For me, creativity always comes first. I love creating, be it on my own, with fellow musicians or creators from other disciplines. This page shows some of my focus points and how I got to the point where I am today.

Where I learned 

I have had great opportunities to develop myself as a musician, teacher and academic, and continue to learn every day. My broad education has given me a wider view on music, allowing me to work from a wide range of perspectives. 

Jasmijn de Klerk (1997) is a young musician originally from Oost-Souburg, Zeeland, the Netherlands. Starting out on recorder and eventually switching to saxophone, the foundations of her education lay with the Zeeuwse Muziekschool (Music School of Zeeland). Interested in a wide range of subjects, she enrolled at University College Roosevelt, an international honours college associated with Utrecht University but located in Middelburg. Here she followed musical subjects such as musicology and classical saxophone performance, but also a minor in educational sciences, art history courses and many other (research-based) subjects from other disciplines. Her final thesis involved integrated music teaching practices in regular primary school subjects.

Wanting to deepen her musical views and skills and looking for a more practical approach, she then enrolled at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten for a second bachelor’s degree, where her saxophone professor, Andreas van Zoelen (known for the famous Raschèr Saxophone Quartet), is a teacher.

Jasmijn as a child
Jasmijn de klerk saxofoon


As a performer, I have worked on a wide variety of projects, from traditional recital-concerts to interdisciplinary performances. 

Innately a very intuitive player, she enjoys playing different styles of classical music, as long as they have a way of conveying a message, emotion or feeling. She mainly performs on the alto saxophone, even though she also has experience on soprano and baritone, and has recently started tackling the tenor sax. 

For her final bachelor’s recital, she developed a program of female-only composers, featuring established and unknown works for the saxophone. Around these works she created a narrative through reworkings of hymns by Hildegard von Bingen, the first female composer we still have a musical heritage of. She regularly performs together with fellow saxophonist Iria Garrido Meira in a saxophone duo.

For Since a Woman Poster


During a high school musical project, I discovered my love for arranging. Ever since, I have been reworking existing pieces into new works of art, whilst still staying true to their original roots. 

Jasmijn followed arranging lessons with Maino Remmers for two years. Her first arrangement, a small saxophone ensemble suite of pieces by ‘forgotten’ Dutch composer Josef Ascher, was published in 2020 by Baton Music and premiered during the Nederlands Saxofoon Festival. Although most of her arrangements have been focussed on the saxophone and different saxophone ensembles, more recent arrangements have featured other orchestrations as well.

Her final bachelor’s recital involved reworked versions of hymns by Hildegard von Bingen. These arrangements worked with live electronics and thematic audio samples to create a novel feminist narrative.


As a music teacher, I try to emphasize musical expression and creativity, while also focussing on developing the relevant skills to function in bands, fanfares and orchestras. 

During her time at both University College Roosevelt and Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Jasmijn has had several great opportunities to work on her teaching skills. With experience in secondary schools, primary schools but most notably music schools, she has become an accomplished and enthusiastic music teacher.

For a year she worked as a saxophone teacher at Nieuwe Veste Breda, where she taught saxophone students of all ages to be the best musicians they can be. Her lessons emphasize musical expression and creativity, while also focussing on developing the relevant skills to function in bands, fanfares and orchestras. Student input is very important! It is the creativity of the learner that makes the experience so much more interesting and relevant.

She currently works on an individual basis. Interested in lessons (Dutch or English, region Tilburg, Noord-Brabant)? Get in touch!

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