Colourful illustration of a tenor saxophone, with bursts of colour coming from the bell


education and style

A little bit of information of what I do as a musician and how I got there.

Where I learned

My musical studies have been varied and haven’t always been limited to just conservatory education. In fact, I started with a Liberal Arts degree (University College Roosevelt, Middelburg) where I took courses in musicology and educational sciences, but also some computer sciences and art history (and for some reason, economics. We don’t talk about economics.)

A little more back in time? I was born in Oost-Souburg, Zeeland, the Netherlands. When I was seven years old I started with recorder lessons, and after two years of happy squeaks I decided to switch to the saxophone. That is, my mum picked saxophone for me because I literally could not distinguish a trumpet from a french horn. Either way, it was a good choice ūüôā¬†

I took lessons at the local music school and happily continued making a lot of noise on the saxophone. I met Andreas van Zoelen, with whom I subsequently studied during my years at university, and with whom I later also did my Bachelor of Music. I finished with a recital with music of only female composers, including personal reworks of hymns of Hildegard von Bingen with sax and electronics. 

As a musician

As a musician I am still exploring. It’s part of my nature to choose very varying projects to work on, stick with it until it’s how I want it, then move on to something entirely different. Currently this means that I’m working on arranging¬†and¬†creating own music. The past year I have started to work with live electronics and I’m loving the creation process.¬†

I’m an intuitive player – I play what comes to me and if I like it, I stick to it. This goes for ‘traditional’ classical music – for as far we can speak of that in the world of classical saxophone – but definitely also for contemporary genres. Check out my YouTube channel and listen for yourself.


So some of my projects are also available to others. Here is a small¬† selection of arrangements that you can either buy or get for free. If you want any information on acquiring scores that don’t have a download link, drop me a message!¬†