Raschèr Saxophone Quartet website

The Raschèr Saxophone Quartet is one of the oldest and most prominent saxophone quartets in the world. Internationally renowned, they give concerts all across the globe and have worked together with a great number of composers and orchestras. I was asked to build them an entirely new website.

Website URL: www.raschersaxophonequartet.com
Running on: WordPress, Elementor Pro
Launched: January 2020
Special elements: Discography, Facebook feed integration

The website of the quartet has a fairly basic setup with a layout that reflects the ensemble’s heritage, while still being ready for the next decade. I opted for a simple white design without too many flashy elements – this classic simplicity fits them well. The menu is accessible through a hamburger overlay, a pretty and classy way of keeping the site simple and clean.

Despite the general simplicity, some substantial information and media needed to be organised; most notably, the extensive discography needed to have a place of its own.

Next to the discography, the biography naturally needed its own spot. Biographies of musical ensembles are always tricky to write, and a biography of a 50+ year-old ensemble is no exception to that. The quartet is very proud of its many collaborations and wished to feature them in their biography, but as a designer I do favour to keep things clear and easily readable. Therefore I separated the in-text mentions of collaborations from the biographical text, and displayed the collaborations separately instead.