Saxophone Museum Online

My biggest project to date: an online instrument museum!

WordPress • Elementor Pro • ACF • Jet SmartFilters

This was by far the largest project I have done to date. When Andreas approached me with his idea of showcasing all of his instruments online, I immediately had so many ideas. We wanted the website to look fresh, but also be informative. We wanted to be able to dynamically add content, without needing to design separate pages for over 100 instruments. And all these instruments needed to be able to be filtered by visitors – by country, type, year… Quite a task for someone who had only done relatively simple personal websites so far.

There are definitely things I would have done differently in retrospect (unavoidable when working on a project for 2+ years), but ultimately I am quite proud of this website. It’s the result of many, many, many hours of work both on my end and of course Andreas’s.

I really hope you like it.