In 2019, my saxophone professor Andreas van Zoelen asked me to make a website for him. I hardly knew anything about it, only picking up some things from family members who used to be in the business. After a lot of tutorials and even more trial and error, I designed and built my very first website. Now, almost 4 years later, I redesigned it. It took me a few days, rebuilding everything from scratch. 

I aimed for a modern look with a classic twist. Instead of going for a serif font to achieve this, I chose colors that I thought fit this aesthetic. As a result, the page looks much more luxurious and professional than before. 

The several pages with arrangements, compositions and publications were getting a little crowded on the original website. On the new pages there are tabs to navigate different instrumentations, which improves the user experience quite a bit. 

I made some comparisons below. I think I have grown a lot over the years, even if I don’t take on new website commissions anymore. 


Homepage before
Homepage after
Compositions before
Compositions after