Designs: saxophone socks & more fun stuff

I recently added some new designs to my Redbubble store that I wanted to share.

It’s been quite a while since I first opened my Redbubble Store with some music-related designs. And to my surprise it hasn’t been doing too badly at all! More and more people seem to be finding my designs of musical instruments, and the occasional composer sticker is sold as well.

I just added cellos, a cute Adolphe Sax designs, and some recolors of old illustrations to the store. Check it out if you have the chance!

Particularly around Christmas time my store seems quite popular with people looking for a special Christmas stocking design. I was confused about this at first – I did not expect this product to sell even once. It felt a bit like some other featured products, like shower curtains and floor pillows, but I realized there is this Christmas stocking tradition that we just don’t have in the Netherlands. It’s a pretty mind-blowing idea that 142 products are out there with my designs on them, all over the world, and the majority of these consist of socks. Even cooler: out of all saxophone socks (11.000 results on Redbubble….) two of mine appear first in the trending category.

I haven’t been able to make much recently due to some technical problems (Procreate, my main drawing tool, disappeared from my iPad, and it has taken me literally half a year to fix that issue. On top of that, art block has been plaguing me for over a year now), but I’m back! My new designs are a little brighter than the older ones I have. I actually think many of them are pretty awesome. Let’s see how the socks do this season!